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A complete line of

quality products are available

AMMSteel is a steel distributor specializing in flat roll products.

Providing premium

products of exceptional value

We are committed to the highest quality, reliability, responsibility, continuous improvement.

A wide range of

various gauges of coils and plate.

AMMSteel processes at locations throughout the Southeast, Texas and the Midwest.


Our product line includes light gauge hot roll easy for forming ductwork.


Medium gauge hot roll is commonly used in the manufacture of flanges and stacks.


Our customers include manufacturers of custom industrial tanks.


We sell heavier gauge flat roll which is used in conjunction with structural in different manufacturing applications.

We'll develop any
process and solution for your steel requirements to be met

We take great pride in our commitment to our customers. Achieving a win for you, our customers, is the core or our team’s collaborative approach.

AMMSteel has the resources to handle your needs and the flexibility to adapt to changes quickly. This helps us grow along with our customer's growth.

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We strive
to meet

your needs

Our team is committed to providing service suited to each customer's needs and requirements. We work hard to ensure prompt service and delivery.

SupplyChain Management

We partner with your business to help you successfully manage your inventory.

Offering a high level
of service and attention to customer needs

AMMSteel, LLC was founded in 2004. From our Birmingham headquarters, we process our steel in numerous locations, primarily in the southeast. We provide high quality Hot Roll, Hot Roll Pickled & Oiled as well as Floor Plate.

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